Here at Lashed Out we offer and extensive range of false Eyelashes, Lipsticks and Eyebrow kits that are made from the highest quality products to make you look and feel great!

LO Lashes: Our lashes are handmade and natural looking with a range of styles that can see you through from day to night. Lashed Out Lashes are so easy to apply and with our Latex Free glue and Lash Applicator you will have your Luxurious Handmade Lashes on in seconds!

LO Lips: Our Liquid to Matte Lipstick blends the best of science and innovation with luxury. Create a larger than life smile; lavish your lips in this creamy liquid to matte lipstick! Satisfy your senses while you light up lips with dazzling, light-reflecting colour. Emollient Esters take luster to the limit and enhance adhesion for all day wear.

Lashed Out Brows: Keep your brows in tip-top shape with our multitasking brow gel Mascara and Brow Kits. Set, tame, condition and tint brows with a flexible all-day hold that can’t be beat. Your brows are sure to outlast any late night fun.

Founder & CEO of Lashed Out Beauty Australia

I’m Melissa Dettman, the founder and CEO of Lashed Out Beauty Australia. As a professional dancer, I travelled the world performing on stage for over 10 years and have been dancing for close to 30 years! During my professional performing career I have always worn false eyelashes on stage and they became a part of me. I have always loved how amazing lashes made me look and during the past few years I have noticed false eyelashes have been trending around the world and I absolutely loved that now everyone loved false lashes as much as I always have! From this Lashed Out was created. Lashed Out Beauty products are made for people of all ages to enjoy and make them feel good about themselves and enhance natural beauty.

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